The EUropean and Global ENgineering Education Academic Network is a new Thematic Network in Lifelong Learning Programme with the main goal of improving the impact of European Engineering Education on competitiveness, innovation and socio-economic growth in a global context. The project has been submitted by the University of Florence with SEFI as one of the main partners and is going to contribute to the building up of strong links to other European organisations within engineering education and higher education.
EU-VIP enhances the quality, efficiency and impact of international work placements by focusing on how to organise these placements, thereby boosting interaction between HEIs and enterprises using the advantages of the newest technologies. EU-VIP provides the necessary (technical, pedagogical, organisational) models and services for:
  • virtual mobility activities to prepare and follow-up students who go physically abroad for a placement
  • fully virtual placements, from selection, preparation, execution to follow-up
StartPro is a platform launched by EUROCADRES in 2005 which represents the link between students and professional life. StartPro concentrate on three areas:
  • Higher education and students
  • The transitional period between the end of studies and the first job which is often characterised by unemployment and/or precarious jobbing
  • The working conditions and quality of graduates' first employment.
This thematic network is connected with development of a real virtual Erasmus program. This gives the students the chance to study at a second university through Internet and at the same time to take courses at their own university.
Higher Engineering Education for Europe was the first Project Edu-ID got involved in. Back in 1996 when the European Commission started the Thematic Networks, BEST was invited to join SEFI and CESEAR to setup a thematic network that would deal with the development of a European Dimension within Higher Engineering Education.
After H3E ended, BEST was again invited to join a group of Universities that would develop a flow up project in the same field. BEST was again the only student organisation to take part in it.
In the field of water and environment there was a Thematic Network that dealt with the learning process and the passing on of knowledge and competences in the field of research and education.
It aimed to develop a Quality Charter for Universities or Higher Institutions, who had close co-operation with Industry.
This thematic network is a continuation of an earlier program called E4, in which Edu-ID and BEST took part. It was a 3 years project (2004-2007) but after the good results, European Commission gave one more year grant to disseminate the outcomes. TREE is divided in a lot of smaller projects called Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and BEST is leading two of them: undergraduate research and the role of extracurricular activities.
This Thematic Network is meant to be the reference point for electrical and information engineering in Europe. BEST participates as the sole student organisation involved in the project and is an active member of the monitoring team of the project.
This thematic network is a follow up project of a previous promoted TN Project by EuroPACE called REVE (Real Virtual Erasmus). BEST was one of the members of REVE TN project and was official invited to continue participating and developing the work in this new approved TN Project called SPUTNIC.
The VM-BASE project (Virtual Mobility Before and After Student Exchanges) wanted to raise the quality of student exchanges by offering virtual support, both before and after the physical mobility. Virtual support was used to prepare and follow-up the mobile student, as a complement to the existing exchange programmes.