Frequently asked questions

Do you have a problem and you don't know who can help you? Here are some of the most frequent questions asked by students.

COVID-19 Related Questions

The organising Local BEST Group will make sure every measure in their home country is fulfilled throughout the event.
As the event date approaches, after you get accepted, you can contact the organising Local BEST Group, and they will explain everything you need to know about the COVID-19 situation in their city. You can also follow the general pages, such as Re-open EU, that provide information on various measures in place, including on quarantine and testing requirements for travellers, the EU Digital COVID certificate, etc. This should help you plan your travel in Europe, while staying safe and healthy.
Nearing the start of the event, you should contact the organising Local BEST Group, and they will try to help you find a host or accommodation.
You can request an official invitation from the organising Local BEST Group.
The requirements will depend on the country you are visiting, and also the safety measures decided by the organising Local BEST Group. The organising Local BEST Group will provide you with the necessary information closer to the event.
By showing proof of the cancellation from the travel company, you will be able to get your deposit back. The attendance in the Event is not counted on your account.
You should warn the organising LBG. Each case will be discussed separately, but warning 1 month before the Course should be enough for you to get your deposit back. In this case, the Event will be counted in your account.
By showing proof of the restriction/cancellation, you will be able to get your deposit back. The attendance in the Event is not counted on your account.
The LBG should inform you of what your options are, try to stay tuned to the means of communication used between LBG and participants. If the Course is cancelled, you will be able to get your deposit back and the attendance in the Event will not be counted on your account.

Price of events

The organising Local BEST Group (LBG) is trying to get as much money as possibly by co-operating with several organisations. The university is interested in hosting foreign students and in becoming more internationally minded. Companies wish to get access to European-minded students, which is done during the event by company presentations, guest lectures or company visits. In some countries, the student union also provides some financial aid.
The fee depends mainly on the situation in the Local BEST Group, how much support they get from university, student union, etc.
The maximum fee is 8 Euro per day (but no more than 88 Euro). Whether a student pays full or reduced fee depends on his country of studies as follows.


The organising LBG gets all the applications entered by the students and then will decide on regional aspects (they try to get people from all over Europe, so they in general won't take more than one student from each city/country), on your Motivation Letter (they have to read many of them, so try to be creative!), and maybe on your educational background (only if you need some previous knowledge for a specific event). The organisers also aim at having equal number of male and female participants. If you don't know how to start your motivation letter, read our recommendations on how to write a motivation letter.
Yes! You can apply for every event, but it might not be reasonable in some cases. It is possible that one event requires some previous knowledge and if you don't have that you might not be taken. On the other hand,there might be beginner's level courses in the field of your study and then the course will get too boring!
You can apply for maximum three BEST Courses and three other (education, leisure) events per season. You can be accepted to at most one BEST Course per season (but any number of other events).

What happens next?

Well the BEST answer to that is to experience it... so go and apply now!
It's likely that you're going to go on more events, and maybe join your local BEST group and organise events yourself.
You can try again the next seasons. There are four seasons for BEST Events: Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. You might also join BEST and go to internal BEST events.
After the final examination you will get a BEST Certificate to attest your participation and to describe the content of the course. The BEST Certificate has the University stamp and teacher's signature. It is up to your home University if they will get this course recognised by giving you credits.

If you have any further questions, please visit our Helpdesk!