Having a BEST Group at your university comes with quite some advantages. As a member of this group you will belong to a European family, develop yourself, take part in the hundreds of BEST events all around Europe, meet new people and of course you will have a lot of fun while doing this.

The basic requirements to create a Local BEST Group are:

  • You must belong to a university that provides an education
    that leads to the highest degree below the Ph.D. in technology studies.
  • You should be a group of students of technology.
  • Your university must be situated in Europe within the current borders of BEST.

First steps towards creating a Local BEST Group (LBG):

  1. Find some other interested friends of yours
  2. Make a small research to have the overview on BEST
  3. Get a friendly contact from your university to support you in your application
    (international office, management of school, student union etc.)
  4. Write to us on so we can get to know you and
    provide further assistance in becoming a part of BEST

Later on, we will send you all the necessary documents (official application form and guidelines) for creating a BEST Group at your university.

Take the first step in the wonderful journey towards being a Local BEST Group!