Being a local group

So, you are thinking about creating a Local BEST Group (LBG), but you are wondering what it means in practice? Well, to answer that question, let us take a look at an average BEST group.

Your average LBG exists for 10 years already, has around 20 members and organises 7-8 events per year of different size, target group and duration. Activities on a yearly basis:

  • promotion of BEST in their university;
  • weekend trips for increasing the group's spirit;
  • a course / engineering competition for students from all around Europe;
  • an internal BEST event or a cultural exchange with some other LBG;
  • an engineering competition for the students of their university;
  • regular working meetings and casual gatherings, usually on a weekly basis.

Beside this it has the freedom to innovate and form traditions and events that suit the environment. It maintains contact with the rest of our organisation by sending its members to internal BEST events. It also nurtures good relations with its university and corporate partners.

But please, do not assume that you have to be ready to do all of this right away! This is what already established BEST groups do. The process of reaching that point takes years and you will never be left alone since you will constantly be supported by the organisation!

BEST members have a saying that they have a friend in 30 European countries. By taking on the challenge of creating a BEST group you will practice your organisational, presentation and leadership skills, but most importantly, you will gain a lot of friends from all around Europe!