Conferences and Publications

In this webpage, you will be able to find the documents that contain the outcomes from the past BEST Symposia on Education. You will also be able to find the conferences that the BEST members attended, on behalf of our organization, as well as the Scientific Papers produced and presented in these conferences.

All the publications are public, and we hope they will offer you an overview of the topics that we have been working on.

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Conferences & Scientific papers

Jelena Bjelica, Miguel Duarte, Dragana Manasova, Sonja MIhajlov, Yusuf Ulas Yildiz, Continuing professional development and internships as influential factors in developing students. 2016 44th SEFI AC, Tampere, Finland

David Pinto, Rita Faria, Tamara Kovacevic, Teodora Pavlovic, Aleksandra Guliaeva, EBEC as an Alternative Approach for Complementary Education. 2016 ICL, Belfast, United Kingdom.

Celine Smekens, Vicky Kalfa, Sofia Antera, David Baselga, Ksenia Smirnova, Tom Van den Maegdenbergh, IT Trends in European Technology Education: Students' Perspective. 2016 WEEF, Seoul, South Korea.

Andreea Militaru, Cristian Garcia, George Kladis, Marta Cortesao, Monika Tolgo. 17-year evolution of the students' perspective on innovative teaching, curricular development and e-learning in Europe. 2015 WEEF, Florence, Italy.

Aggeliki Marini, Egle Brovkaite, Marta Cortesao, Nikolena Christofi. European Education Trends and BEST as Open Social Learning Organisation. 2015 EIIC, Virtual Conference

George Kladis, Marta Cortesao, Ou Yan Zhou, Sander Claeys, Tiago Monteiro. Project-based Learning as an Effective Developer of Young Engineers' Curriculum. 2015 43rd SEFI AC, Orleans, France

Ana Rita Medeiros, Deniz Irem Icen, Elia Alessandro Morciano, Marta Cortesao. Using Virtual Internships as an Innovative learning technique. 2015 EDUCON, Tallinn, Estonia

Giovanna Campogiani, Marta Cortesao, Patrycja Ksiazek, Yury Smirnov. Virtual Internships development in Engineering Education - a fruitful cooperation between students, academia and companies. 2014 WEEF, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Giovanna Campogiani, Marija Stanojevic, Natalia Mazur, Radek Czahajda. Involving students in curriculum development. 2014 42nd SEFI AC, Birmingham, United Kingdom

Marta Cortesao. Engineering Education and it's impact on young graduates employability from students' point of view. 2014 CLAIU - EU, Brussels

Irene Sanchez Martinez, Marija Stanojevic, Natalia Mazur. Virtual internships provided in collaboration among companies and universities - the future of practical development of students. 2014 INTED, Valencia, Spain

Andrea Cucurull, Irene Sanchez Martinez, Janis Jakobs, Joao Pacheco, Ou Yan Zhou, Tiago Monteiro. Student role in the development of engineering education. 2013 CISPEE Porto, Portugal

Klemen Krulec, Tadej Stepisnik, Wieke Villerius, Zane Zondaka. Poster paper: Students' Empowerment in Providing Extracurricular Activities for Students of Technology in Europe. 2013 WEEF GSF Cartagena, Columbia

Baris Ozturk, Joao Pacheco, Natalia Mazur, Stefanos Konstantinidis. Importance of interdisciplinarity in education for sustainable development. 2013 41st SEFI AC, Leuven, Belgium

Aleksandar Gavrilovic, Alexia Spyridonidou, Pieter Coppens, Wieke Villerius. Students' thoughts and opinions on aspects of their education. 2013 41st SEFI AC, Leuven, Belgium

Joao Pacheco, Radek Czahajda, Tadej Stepisnik, Wieke Villerius, Zane Zondaka. Influence of participation in engineering competitions on students' attractiveness for future employees. 2013 PAEE, Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Anil Sahin, Tadej Stepisnik. BEST Educational Symposium "Education for Sustainable Development Fostering the Evolution of Society". 2012 10th Global Conference on Sustainable Manufacturing, Istanbul, Turkey

Alexandra Enea, Metka Majeric, Wieke Villerius, Zane Zondaka. Virtual Internships. 2012 SEFI Annual Conference: ENGINEERING EDUCATION 2020: MEET THE FUTURE, Thessaloniki, Greece

Joao Pacheco. Women in Engineering; Virtual Mobility. 2012 Young Engineers' Iberian Conference, Braga, Portugal

Cagri Basaran, Ioana Bour, Naga Sudha Mangeshkar Vankayala, Ursa Hribernik. EUGENE - survey on Improving the education system in Europe; Non-European students studying in Europe. 2012 EUGENE 3rd Scientific Meeting, Valencia, Spain

Andrei Bursuc, Ioana Bour, Stefanos Konstantinidis. Gender Related Perceptions of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education. 2011 1st World Engineering Education Flash Week, Lisbon, Portugal

Gorana Bosic, Marina Sainz. Transatlantic mobility: Europe and Canada Outcomes and experiences from the symposium organised by the Board of European Students of Technology (BEST) and Canadian Federation of Engineer Students (CFES). 2010 SEFI-EGIP Conference, Trnava, Slovakia

Ioana Bour. The Importance of Students in the Nowadays' Development of Technology and Education. 2009 ERABEE 4th Workshop, Malta

Balazs Kerper, Gorana Bosic, Nina Briski, Vasilij Savin. Attractiveness of young people to engineering and Student Career Guidance: Outcomes and experiences from the Symposium organised by the Board of European Students of Technology. 2009 SEFI Annual Conference, Rotterdam, Netherlands