Identity of BEST


Empowered diversity

People understand and respect different cultures and societies. The environment of empowered diversity supports people in applying their full potential and acting responsibly.


Developing students

BEST helps students to achieve an international mindset, to reach a better understanding of cultures and societies and to develop the capacity to work in culturally diverse environments.

BEST creates opportunities for personal development of students and supports them in reaching their full potential.

BEST Spirit

BEST Spirit is the inspiration for all our actions

    We seek the ability to make changes and deal with changing conditions.
    We are open to everything new. We value and raise the ability of being mobile and to quickly respond to changes in the environment or any other obstacles that we face.
    We build good relationships in which people help, support and care for one another.
    We value good personal relations and teamwork. We focus on each person involved in our activities and in this way we create synergy.
  • FUN
    We enjoy everything we do.
    We value positive emotions of the people involved in our actions. We strive to make our activities enjoyable to everybody who is connected to them. We act with passion and strive to share this passion with people around us.
    We strive to continuously improve ourselves and the standards in everything we do.
    We value personal development and strive for a community, where we have the freedom to improve ourselves. We share and develop ideas, and use our creativity to also enhance the way we work.
    We are receptive to new ideas, perspectives, and possibilities.
    We actively seek out and listen to different voices, valuing the richness of diversity. We create an environment where individuals are free to express their thoughts, knowing that their ideas will be considered with respect and without judgement. Being open-minded enables us to discover untapped potential and to evolve in a constantly changing world. However, being open-minded does not indicate that anyone has the right to overstep personal boundaries


BEST is a voluntary, politically unaffiliated, non-profit, non-representative international association of European students of technology.

  • We do everything out of free will.
  • We do not support particular political philosophies, parties or movements.
  • We attempt to make no profit from our actions.
  • We represent directly our volunteers and indirectly the STEM students at large, and their voices.
  • We are based in Europe.
  • We are there for European students of technology.


  • Providing complementary education
    Bringing a significant added value to the education provided by the universities.
  • Providing career support
    Connecting students with their future employers.
  • Increasing educational involvement
    Increasing the awareness of students on issues related to engineering education and improving engineering education through the input of those students.