List of previous BEST Events on Education

Bellow you can find more details of EoEs from 2005 until 2016.


Be on the right track with SMART learning - change the education of tomorrow!

Topics: Combining learning techniques with teaching methods; MOOCs, University-Business Cooperation

Coordinator: Dragana Manasova

Place: Gliwice

Dates: 21 July 2016 - 31 July 2016


Teach me to teach you!

Topics: Attractiveness of Engineering Education; Self-directed learning; Roles of the professor in Higher Education

Coordinator: Yusuf Ulas Yildiz

Place: Copenhagen

Dates: 01 July 2016 - 11 July 2016


eduKEYtion - One KEY to rule them all

Topics: Principles of effective learning and teaching, Class and course organisation.

Coordinator: Nikolena Christofi

Place: Ankara

Dates: 13th-20th September 2015


Teaching with Technology

Topics: Teaching with Technology, Learning Styles

Coordinator: Patrycja Ksiazek

Place: Bratislava

Dates: 28th June - 5th July 2015


Let's cement the canyon! Removing the gap between University and Profession

Topics: Continuous professional development, Gap between teaching profile and professional, Skills and learning objectives, Joint programs

Coordinator: Marija Stanojevic

Place: Riga

Dates: 23rd - 31st July 2015


This summer is canicular - Go Extracurricular!

Topics: Soft skills, Self-development of students, Innovative educational methods

Coordinator: Cristina Benito Lopez

Place: Cluj-Napoca

Dates: 23rd July - 1st of August 2014


LINK: Let's Introduce the Network of Knowledge

Topics: Virtual Mobility, Entrepreneurship

Coordinator: Marta Filipa Cortesao

Place: Gdansk

Dates: 28th June- 5th July 2014


Bringing Education and Entrepreneurship under students' scope

Topics: Virtual Mobility, Virtual Internships, Entrepreneurship

Coordinator: Natalia Mazur

Place: Timisoara

Dates: 14-20 July 2013


Next station, sustainable education

Topics: Education on Sustainable Development, Learning Disciplines & IT technologies

Coordinator: Mertcan Ozturk

Place: Madrid

Dates: 20-29 July 2013


EdYOUcation - Raise Your Hand, Make a Change

Topics: Attractiveness, Accreditation

Coordinator: Triin Tartes

Place: Aveiro

Dates: 30th August- 8th September 2013


Education for Sustainable Development: Fostering the Revolution of Society

Topics: Water, Disaster Risk Reduction, Climate Change and Energy, Biodiversity, Sustainable Urbanization, Sustainable Lifestyles,Cultural Diversity, Poverty Reduction

Coordinator: Ursa Hribernik

Place: Vienna

Dates: 16th – 22nd of September 2012


Is your life online? Then make it WORK!

Topics: International internships, Virtual Mobility in internships, Cooperation between higher education and the business world, The importance of intercultural competencies

Coordinator: Erna Begovic

Place: Riga

Dates: 21st-24th of August 2011


University is not enough? Cross the bridge to real world

Topics: Transitional period between studies and work, First employment, Women in Engineering

Coordinator: Giulia Chighini

Place: Sofia

Dates: 20th-28th of August 2010


Work virtually! Boost your career at students speed!

Topics: Creativity and Innovation, Preservation of Knowledge, Knowledge management

Place: Ljubljana

Dates: 2nd-13th of July 2010


Improving Engineering Education? Europe and Canada, let's do it together!

Topics: Transatlantic mobility, Research and Innovation

Coordinator:: Vasilis Georgilas, Vasilij Savin

Place: Brno

Dates: 28th of August - 5th of September 2009


Time for innovation in Education! Are we super-engineers?

Topics: Bologna process, Teaching methods, Innovation ad creativity, Entrepreneurship, Research and development

Coordinator: Chistine Volani

Place: Zagreb

Dates: 2nd-10th of June 2009


Take the future in your hand!...We will live in futureland!

Topics: Student Career Guidance

Coordinator: Nina Briski

Place: Lviv

Dates: 3rd-11th of May 2009


Steady, ready, make it happen!

Topics: Virtual mobility before and after exchange, Supporting students towards a successful career in engineering, Attractiveness of young people to engineering

Coordinator: Oana Petric

Place: Iasi

Dates: 13th-25th of July 2008


On the way to improve the quality in the engineering education

Topics: Quality assessment of educational studies

Coordinator: Elena Karahaliou

Place: Athens

Dates: 9th-17th of May 2008


Shaping the 21st-century professional engineer in Europe

Topics: Developing Intercultural Competences in PBL Environmental, Integrating industry in project organized PBL for engineering education, Mobility of engineers in different countries and ENGCARD

Coordinator: Ioana Branescu, Dana Ciochina

Place: Bucharest

Dates: 25th of February - 2nd of March 2008


Global cooperations - How to form the future

Topics: Mobility in programmes on research, Accreditation

Coordinator: Vasilis Georgilas

Place: Istanbul

Dates: 27-5 October 2007


Virtual mobility: European education and beyond

Topics: Student mobility and exchange programmes

Coordinator: Vasilij Savin

Place: Sofia

Dates: 15th-21st of September 2007


E-learning and Student Mobility in Higher Education

Topics: E-learning tools for distance learning, Teaching and learning through virtual environments, E-learning and student mobility

Coordinator: Mari-Iiis Maripuu

Place: Gothenburg

Dates: 4th9th of June 2007


Engineering Demand and Offer in Europe

Topics: Life Long Learning, Doctoral (PhD) studies in Europe

Coordinator: Maria Tzedaki

Place: Milano

Dates: 13th-21st of April 2007


BEST Academics and Companies Forum Brussels

Topics: Service Sciences

Coordinator: Andrei Bursuc

Place: Brussels

Dates: 4th-10th of March 2007


National & Inter-European Challenges in Bologna Process

Topics: Discussion about national implementation that is related to significant changes in the engineering education during the last years, Ideas for an efficient implementation

Place: Lviv

Dates: 3rd-12th of September 2006


Virtual Mobility ? The Educational Challenge of the Future

Topics: Virtual mobility influence for full courses and also course elements ( e.g. modules) that are offered in a blended learning (and teaching) approach, at the levels of undergraduate, postgraduate level, Ph.D. education as well as Continuous Professional Development


Place: Bucharest

Dates: 23rd-29th of July 2006


Active Learning in Engineering Education

Topics: Active Learning and New Educational Technologies, Active Learning environment

Place: Porto

Dates: 1st-6th May 2006


Ethics and Sustainable Development issues in Engineering Education

Topics: The orientation of the students towards sustainable development and also to foster them with humanistically and environmentally aware behaviour and skills

Place: Madrid

Dates: 27th of March-2nd of April 2006


BACo by LBG Istanbul

Topics: Accreditation of Engineering Education, Learning Outcomes of European Universities, The role of Extra-Curricular Activities in Engineering Education

Place: Istanbul

Dates: 27th of February-5th of March 2006


BACo Innovations in Engineering Education

Topics: Student's Mobility, Curriculum, Internship and Research

Place: Zagreb

Dates: 6th-12th of March of 2005