About BEST Career Centre

BEST Career Centre (BCC) is a centralised career support service that encourages European students and recent graduates to develop their career paths strategically, aligned with their core values and motivations, by connecting them with inspiring professionals and relevant opportunities.

If you are a student or recent graduate and have an interest in boosting your career and broadening your horizons starting at this moment, check out the unique opportunities we bring you!

Mentoring Programmes

We all are complex human beings with various passions that drive us. We are not expected to follow one straight career path and stick to it throughout our lives. Instead, we are encouraged to dream big and get in contact with different work cultures, while gaining skills in diverse fields, creating our wavy career paths.

Having this in mind, the BCC Mentoring Programmes were developed by BEST. You can apply to Job Shadowing events and Internships offered by our partners, or even take part in a Mentoring Programme, receiving their support for several months. Your mentor will guide you in your decision-making process and share their own experiences, as well as offer invaluable career tips and provide feedback on your applications. By creating a safe space for a real connection, these successful professionals will inspire you to take risks and build your own fulfilling future, where you feel you will make a difference in the world.

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Our Mentoring offers are:
check_circleJob shadowing

Counselling Activities

Through opportunities like career-related webinars and masterclasses, as well as group or one-to-one sessions, BCC will connect you with professionals with different areas of expertise, coming from distinct backgrounds and being on the boldest paths.

You will receive guidance and advice on starting and planning your career, learn> about Curriculum Vitae building, cover letter writing, interview preparation and many other topics, while having the opportunity to receive feedback relevant to your area of interest. It is essential that you, as a future worker, get to know several companies, learn how to create an attractive LinkedIn profile and screen companies, universities or organisations, as well as positions to apply for. Understanding the career options that exist for your field of study in addition to opportunities outside of it, while receiving insights into distinct possible career paths, will certainly help you feel more confident entering the next chapter of your career.

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Our Counselling offers are:
check_circleOne-to-one sessions
check_circleGroup sessions

CV Database

By uploading your Curriculum Vitae to the BCC database and having it shared with partners from BEST AISBL, you will expand your career horizons and boost your chances of finding exciting opportunities.

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Partners' Offers and Career News

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