Be an Iron Man among the machines

General description

Robots today are making jobs easier, hoovering our floors, building cars and entertaining us in films. If you are interested in robotics and if you what to take a glimpse on what’s going on in the robotics world then this course is definitely a chance for you! You won’t require a soldering iron, but you’ll explore and learn about the basics of robot design.

After every lesson comes an enjoyment and what can be promised is for sure a lot of beautiful places to see and experience. Podgorica and Kotor are waiting for you to discover every single spot that hides fun and beauty!

Academic information

Fields of activity:
Content and topics:
Upon completion of the course participants will understand the basics of robotics (Programming, assembly of basic robots and where they can apply this knowledge.)
Learning goals and objectives:
The course aims to teach the students how to assemble simple robots and program them to do basic functions, where they can be used as well as what they can be used for.
Examination type:
ECTS credits issued:

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:
Motivational letter and answers to the three questions

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

Student dormitory
Three meals per day, two out of which are served hot at the student cafeteria.
Bus arranged by organizers