Chaos Unleashed: Navigating Nonlinear Dynamics for a Dynamic World

General description

Are you looking to improve your set of mathematical skills, and at the same time, have tremendous fun over this summer? Then come experience the BEST of Belgian culture and weather on our cozy, one-of-a-kind, "city" campus, a true student-life haven away from bustling cities!

You will get to meet amazing people in and outside of classes, and even have a planned group trip on the weekend! We are looking forward to meeting you and sharing quality memories of this summer. <3

Academic information

Fields of activity:
Content and topics:
Introduction to nonlinear phenomena - Multiple equilibrium points and systems in the plane - Stability of equilibria - Limit cycles - Bifurcations - Introduction to chaos
Learning goals and objectives:
Being able to make adequate use of basic mathematical tools to model, analyze, and design nonlinear dynamical systems, in areas such as mechanics, biology, and epidemiology. Transversal outcomes: Reinforcement of fundamentals of engineering mathematics through applications - Development of programming and reporting skills through small projects.
Examination type:
The course is graded by continuous evaluation of short projects in small groups and a short examination.
ECTS credits issued:

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:
Selection is based on a motivational letter and answering 3 questions. We're looking for open-minded students who want to meet new people and discover Belgium and its delicacies (BELGIAN fries, chocolates, beers, and even more!). Show us that you're interested in the topic, that you'll bring good vibes, and are ready to have a great time! Make your motivational letter crazy and creative, make it hard for us to select participants!

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

We will stay in comfortable campus student housing: each participant has their own room with a bed, a desk, a bin, a shelf, a sink, a mirror, and electrical outlets. Kitchen and shower spaces are shared by all participants, and offer privacy. It's possible to do laundry on campus at self-service laundries. We will be close to a lake with outside workout installations, a running track and plenty of open spaces!
We provide breakfast and two meals a day (lunch & dinner), with at least one of those two being warm each day!
Transportation during the event will be provided at no extra costs. The campus is pedestrian, but we also might ride trains, buses, cars, or even bikes during the weekend trip!