My Dream is to fly over the rainbow, so high

General description

You do not need super-powers to fly; all you need are SUPER-ENGINES!


Hello Crazy People!

Want to test your engineering skills and learn how to build a plane that runs entirely on alcohol? 'Impossible' - you might think, but nothing is impossible in Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine! Still don't believe? Then come here and we'll prove it.

We guarantee you an amazing experience as you discover not only your hidden skills in engineering, but also spend two wonderful days camping and boating on the Khortytsa island - the pearl of Dnieper river, you'll have salsa dancing classes, learn how to make a paper plane to fly without fuel, as well as experience impossible parties and master-classes on cossak-style vodka drinking.

We guarantee an amazing experience as you discover the largest country in Europe, where the biggest and the most powerful planes in the world are produced. You will also see our beautiful Dnieper River and face new creatures that live in it.

However the most important thing you'll get is getting to know the real crazy ZP-spirit [prooflink]

And don't forget that the longest Boulevard in Europe is also in Zaporizhzhya, and according to the legend the one that walks all the way across it will become the King of the World!

As you journey through a wildly interesting course on (aircraft engine manufacturing), you will not only discover all the benefits of aircraft engineering, but also how to "USE" alcohol like a true Ukrainian!

So common get ready to fly high over the rainbow, and apply for our summer course! NOW!

Academic information

Fields of activity:
Aerospace/Aeronautical Engineering
Content and topics:
Basics of aviation and cosmonautics Lections: 1. Principles of design and flight of aircrafts - general classification of aircrafts - lighter-than-air crafts - hevier-than-air crafts (aircrafts, helicopters, rockets) - spacecrafts and satellite 2. Engines of aircrafts - general classification of power plants - reciprocating engines - gas-turbine engines (turbojet, turboprop, dual-flow turbojet, helical-ventilatory, turbo shaft engines) - rocket engines Practice 1. History of the development of aircraft propulsion engineering ( Museum "Motor Sich") - company day 2. progressive technologies machine work aero-engine components (electro erosive machining, high speed milling, strengthening treatment) 3. aero-engine assembly 4. testing of aircraft engines 5. Engineering competition
Learning goals and objectives:
To study principles of aircraft propulsion engineering
Examination type:
written exam
ECTS credits issued:
Not known yet

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:
General interest in the topic, and your motivation to come here!

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

university dormitories
three meals everyday, at least one served hot
provided by organizers