Come On Baby, Light My Fibre!!

General description

What do you know about communication? Is it just calling your friends from a phone, is it just sending an email from your computer?

No! Communication is much more than this.

Learn the new technologies in communication through an exciting summer course. Among others you'll flirt with wireless network, fiber opticts engineering, digital telecommunications, how to design and maintain a web site and a forum.

But our course is more than just lectures…it’s more than a feeling…: get the chance to enjoy the Greek spirit and people and taste our world famous wines and foods. Visiting sunny beaches, the beautiful countryside of west Greece and spend two unforgettable weekends next to the sea.

Hurry up, if you want to be on time ;-) Grab the chance… and join us in Patras and get yourself exposed on the Halara spirit!

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test examination
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University dormitories
Restaurant in the university