Learn to Fly v3.0

General description

Have you ever dreamt about seeing the land from the sky, feeling the wind blowing in your hair? What about the feeling of freedom of both body and mind? Have you ever wanted to fly but you didn`t have the opportunity to do so? Now`s your chance! How do you feel about exploring the wonderful land of Transylvania?

This autumn we are organising the perfect event only for you - one week to paraglide!

Between the beautiful hills near Miercurea Ciuc you will have the chance to learn the secrets of paragliding. The BEST instructors, from the BEST paragliding school in Romania, will offer you theoretical and practical information.

What is this event about? In the week between 18th to 25th of September 2016 you will have the chance to attend courses on paragliding at Paramania Paragliding School in Brasov, Romania. In the beginning you will learn about aerodynamics, flying equipment, how to control the paraglide, and… you will have the first tandem flight! Exactly! All these from the first day!

Then, you will learn about security and safety in flying, and how to prevent the emergency situations and you will have about 8-10 individual flights. Already sounding good? Wait for it…....

During the next 5 days you will be introduced more and more into the art of paragliding! More and more flights on your own and day by day the altitude will increase! But what if I tell you that you will fly on your own up to 150 meters high? And that after all these days you will be able to make turns at 90 and 180 degrees. You will learn the most interesting secrets of paragliding, you`re gonna be the master of winds and you will be able to prove this, because you`re gonna get a certificate at the end of it. Of course, experienced instructors will supervise you and help you in any situation.

Besides all these exciting flights, you`re gonna have an amazing time with 9 other students from all over Europe and the coolest organisers from BEST Brasov! There is no better way to spend your autumn, right? So… what are you waiting for? The BEST autumns happen in Brasov! Watch the movie, apply, come and Learn to Fly with us!

Motivational Letter

What to do now? Write your motivational letter! Tell us why you are motivated to fly and how much you are attracted to extreme sports. Convince us how cool you are!

List of activities

Theoretical courses ~ 10 hours

Paragliding ~ More than 30 hours of paragliding activites

Other extreme activities (Like Mountian Biking or Dirl Trail Racing)~9 hours


Information for applicants

Selection criteria:
1. Motivational letter 2. As organizers we require: - Your insurance must cover paragliding! - Comfortable clothes for paragliding(long pants, long sleeves T-shirt) - Sport boots MEDICAL NEEDS: 1. You have to be fit 2. During the last year you did not have any surgery 3. Weight: less than 100 kg 4. You have to be 100% healthy

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

The accomodation will be made in a comfortable bed&breakfast in the city of Brasov, Romania, in a place isolated from the fuss of the city, yet a 2 minute walk away from the nearest bus station.
Tasty meals will be served at the pension, at restaurants and even on the hills. Because we embrace the cultural diversity of Romania, we won't miss the chance to taste the delicious hungarian goulash. Only they know how to make the best goulash in the world! You will receive three meals per day, at least one hot.
Because we want to fly not to sweat, the transport will be provided by us. From Brasov to each of the hills around Brasov where you will be taking on the adventure of your life-time.