The Big DATA Theory - Multiverse of Science

General description

This summer you'll get a chance to experience the perks of one of the most cheerful cities in Europe! Belgrade is best known for its vibrant social life, great local food and many different museums, parks and historical sites. But the absolutely BEST part of Belgrade are the open-minded and energetic Belgrade locals - that makes Belgrade the adventure capital by day and a fun city by night.

When it comes to data science, you might not realize it, but the use of data science is everywhere and its effect on your daily life is extensive. From weather applications, across the movies you watch online to transport of your package. Data science supports nearly every service you use on a regular basis. This is your BEST opportunity to find out all about that, by learning about statistics, databases, and the basics of data science.

Belgrade is a way of life, a way of looking at the world, and leaves the greatest impression on the person who visits it. Come to see Belgrade yourself, while learning how to become a Data Scientist. “Mix it all together and you know that it's the best of both worlds“

Academic information

Fields of activity:
Applied Sciences , Computational Sciences , Computer Science/Automatic Control/Informatics , Mathematics
Content and topics:
Background of Data Science, basic Math methods used in Data Science, Data Science application specifically in Databases and its use in other fields
Learning goals and objectives:
Participants will learn the basics of Data Science. They will build a foundation by finding out what skills they need to master in order to become a Data Scientist
Examination type:
Written exam or case study
ECTS credits issued:
Not known yet

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:
Motivational letter, answers to questions, diversity

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

Student dormitory
Three meals per day, at least one hot meal
Public transportation, walking