ROBINSONade - The perspectives on human resource management and project psychology

General description

Have you ever dreamed of sun, deserted island and ROBINSON-like adventure? Of course you have!

This summer thanks to LBG Gothenburg your dreams will come true!

What would Robinson have done if he wouldn't have been alone?! Be prepared for the Event of the year!

Are you interested in being a cast-away, but also gaining knowledge about human resource management and team psychology?! Than this is your one-and-only perfect summer course!

Our lecturers will provide you the possible BEST education on Human Resource fields in Sweden, considering several manners of working and behaving in teams! You will learn about the relation between project management and cultures, project psychology, how to develop and manage teams, leadership and communication and many more! Our sponsors will also contribute by transiting their experience and knowledge to you.

Furthermore, you can get the adventurous insight to the fabulous Swedish summer life in Gothenburg and surrounding areas! Besides gaining the professional knowledge, we will show you the true life of Robinson and his friend Friday as we booked a whole island in the close archipelago only for you! Sea, sunshine, warm sandy beaches, parties, cocktails with little umbrellas - what else do you need as a kick-off?! Back-in-town, you will have the chance to meet wonderful Swedish people, handsome boys and cute blondes as well! We will guide you through the life under blue and yellow colours!

So if you feel like that you wannabe part of the world of team workers', Robinsons', fishermen's, blondes' and the psychology beyond, do not hesitate to apply and do your best with application letter! We wish you good luck and whole bunch of enthusiasm for that!

Academic information

Content and topics:
Nowadays human resource management and project psychology are getting more and more in focus as project management has become the most common best-practice among working methodologies. That is why BEST Gothenburg decided to arrange a course for international students on human resource management fields!
Learning goals and objectives:
Learning about: - Human resources management, - Project psychology, - Organisational changes from human aspects, - Right management, - Coaching leadership, - Integrated model of group development.
Examination type:
Oral se.minar
ECTS credits issued:
Not known yet

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:
Motivating motivation letter.

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

Student dormitories and places under the palm trees!
We will provide all... but only if you will bring something for international evening (and presents for both main orgaNICEers... :P)
Public transportation, some vessels and... life vest!