Build your own Smart Home!!!

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Nowadays, thanks to computers, we are able to eliminate life's little inconveniences even around our homes. Home automation is taking a lot of the tedium out of our lives. Sure, it's simple enough to flip a switch to turn on a light, and it's much easier than than climbing a ladder to ignite a gas lamp. However, we are at a place in time where we don't have to touch a light switch anymore. A computer can automatically do it for us. Some might call that "laziness"... we like to think of it as "progress"...

Academic information

Content and topics:
>>> Introduction to Smart Homes >>> Smart Home Safety Systems >>> Smart Home Utility Systems >>> Smart Home Entertainment and Integration
Learning goals and objectives:
Our course intoduces you a number of solutions that can be applied for everything from controlling lighting levels, watering your lawn, closing your drapes, and managing sundry appliances in your home.
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Cultural diversity

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Hotel in the center of Athens
Student restaurant
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