Krakow?... Sounds Good! Sound Engineering.

General description

Most people might say, they can't imagine world without music. But only few could specify what sound is: how that really nice sound comes from our radio, how does the process of digital sound recording look like, what let us hear music from our mp3 players or CD players. Moreover, a lot of those people don't know that Philharmonic Orchestra sounds incredible thanks to special architecture of concert room.
Participants of our Summer Course will have a chance to learn these and a lot of other topics related to sound – from theoretical basics, to advanced techniques of creating and processing sounds nowadays. Planned schedule of lectures and exercises in laboratories include topics of analyzing, transmitting, recording, transforming and converting sound. Some lectures will be devoted to sound-absorptive and soundproof materials, classification of sound-absorptive and soundproof materials, methods of rooms adaptation, specials acoustic rooms - concert halls, show rooms, recording studios.

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Written exam or practical work
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Motivation letter.

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University Canteen, Restaurant
Public means, Buses, Private cars