Electric machines, I choose you!

General description

Are you keen on electricity? You want to know how electric machines work? Are you not afraid of visiting wild Ukrainian east? You still can't pronounce "Zaporizhzhya" properly? Do you even know what it is?

Then prepare yourselves for a long journey to the country of Slavs. Here you will gain knowledge about electric machines, get to know unique traditions and have a guidance on how to become a true Slav.

Don't be shy, apply to our course and you'll discover the true power of Zaporizhzhya!


Academic information

Fields of activity:
Electronic/Electrotechnical Engineering , Power Engineering
Content and topics:
1. Physical basis of the el. mashines 2. Introduction to the theory of AC machines 3. Asynchronous electric machines 4. High voltage technique 5. Production technology of power transformers 6. Electrical part of stations and substations 7. Electric devices in the regulation of traffic/traffic on railway tracks
Learning goals and objectives:
The main goal of our course is to provide basic knowledge in the field of electric machines and devices for further study. You will learn basic information during the academic part through a number of laboratory researches and a non-standard resignments. The academic part consists of interrelated topics and sub-topics that will help understand electrical machines and devices better. Only here you can see and conduct experiments with high voltage in the university laboratory under the supervision of a professor. The course lecturers are experienced professionals whose objective is to grow new young specialists.
Examination type:
Case Study
ECTS credits issued:
Not known yet

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:
Motivation letter, answers to the questions and interest in the event topic. Aiming for 50%-50% male-female distribution and a variety of nationalities.

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

University dormitory.
Three meals per day, at least one hot. Coffee breaks between lectures.
On foot, public transport (buses, trams and so on). It will be provided at no extra costs.