Living in a Sustainable City? Yes, We Can!

General description

"Only by understanding the environment and how it works, can we make the necessary decisions to protect it. Only by valuing all our precious natural and human resources can we hope to build a sustainable future," Kofi Annan

Today, around 50% of the present world population lives in urban areas. By 2050, twice as many people will live in cities as we do today. The challenge posed by the transition to urban living is to take advantage of the process to ensure progress towards sustainability.

Achieving sustainable cities is based on a policy of restrictions to eradicate or provide less dependency on environmental hazardous activities. Therefore, it is likely that the sustainable energy system of the future will rely on several different energy sources and carriers depending on the local conditions and the time perspective. In this course you are challenged to look at the world a whole, and become aware of the sustainable development. These topics will be provided to you through classes, field trips and case-study based learning.

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Academic information

Content and topics:
Several topics related to sustainability like: technologies, environment, energy, industries, transports and buildings.
Learning goals and objectives:
Learn the basics about sustainability and the energy pathways that should be followed towards a sustainable development.
Examination type:
Written Exam
ECTS credits issued:
Not known yet

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:
20 students will be selected and we will try to keep the 50%-50% gender distribution, as well as a good nationality diversity.

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

Youth Hostel or Univerty's Residence.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner at the University┬┤s canteen. Traditional portuguese food.
Public transports like bus, train and metro.