Breaking Secure Communication Systems: The History of Obsecurity

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What are the main flaws in the design of former and existing IT systems? The course intends to illustrate this through a set of diverse topics in computer and communication security.

The lectures will give both theoretical and very practical examples of how and why certain design decisions were taken in some of the well known areas, such as authentication systems, biometrics, secure hardware design, TV/DVD encryption and interception systems. Our teacher, Alberto Escudero-Pascual, will not only focus on the technical aspects, but also some important legal and policy issues around technical decisions will be presented, i.e. data protection, cybercrime and intellectual property law.

In addition to the course you will have the great opportunity to visit the wonderful city of Stockholm, meeting new people and experience the Swedish way of living, with cold beers in steaming hot saunas, crayfish party plus of course a lot of surprises!

Hope to see you in June!

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