Navigare Necesse (B)EST: Sailing Event

General description

Once upon a time, there was a lovely land of three thousand lakes in the north-eastern Poland, charming and wild at the same time. Now you can experience this fairytale together with LBG Lodz Pirates.

You have a great opportunity to see Mazury Lakes and discover the amusing beauties offered by this region. We are going to sail around the region for two weeks, exploring sailing secrets, sunbathing, swimming, tasting beers and specialties of the local cuisine.

We will see many wonderful places like Sztynort, where the local Zenza tavern has acquired something of a cult status among sailing crews which flock there every night to drink, sing and have a good time. We are going to see also the most important sailor's towns. Mikolajki - "The pearl of Masuria" is a town which never sleeps: you will always find someone to have a pint of beer with as well as to try great, fresh fish. Another one: Ruciane - Nida has a plenty of taverns, bars and locally run pizzerias, serving cheap food in a pleasant atmosphere. We will stop every day in another place and sometimes we will just moor to a tree somewhere in a wilderness to enjoy a barbecue, play the guitar, sing and have fun.

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:
People who are not afraid of water and those who want to experience sailing secrets. No or small prior knowledge on sailing required.

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

We will sleep in a yacht cabin. Yachts are over seven meters long and there is space for six people to sleep. Crew of each boat will consist of four participants and two organisers.
We will prepare dishes by ourselves (sandwiches for breakfast and lunch, warm dish for dinner).
We will get to and from place where cruise starts (Mazury Lakes Region) by train and bus or by direct bus.