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General description

Can virtual communication become the future of true engineer internships? How has study experience changed during the last decade? In which direction does contemporary education go and how will it influence your professional career and entrepreneur ambitions?

Thanks to the Internet having a greater role in our lives, higher education has changed drastically over the last years. With technology being able to connect us with practically every place on our planet, we are able to share knowledge with anyone and this makes it reachable from various locations. Find out how online internships can enrich your future professional career.

BEST Academics and Companies Forum provides you with opportunities of having an impact on the new trends in European Engineering Education. During interactive sessions with representatives of both academic and corporate sectors, you will generate ideas and provide suggestions on an international project. Make your voice heard all around Europe and shape the future of Engineering Education.

This event is organised in collaboration with PROVIP and institutions in Tricity, that support and promote entrepreneurship among engineering students. PROVIP (Promoting Virtual mobility in Placements) is a project under the Lifelong Learning program funded by the European Commission. Institutions and partners of the project will provide an expertise on virtual international internships. Local institutions will be represented by Parks of Science and Technology which were founded in order to support the implementation of viable and innovative business ideas and thus ensure the insight on the market's needs.

Moreover, you will experience Polish culture and hospitality, as well as wonderful sights in the iconic city of Gdansk, which is a symbol of freedom and independence located by the Baltic Sea.

Find your inner entrepreneur and experience an international environment this summer in Gdansk!

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:
motivation letter, interest in topic

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

Student dormitories
3 meals per day included, at least one hot meal per day
Public transport