How to live in the e-world

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"How to live in the e-world ..."

Do you use internet regularly?
Have you checked your bank account in last week?
Is your inbox again full?
What about your mobile? Do you have it? Only one? ;-)

... If you answered YES or if you anwered NO, we are here for YOU !!!

Winter Course in Kosice will give YOU the opportunity to learn more about things which are around us, which we use daily and also which we hate from time to time, but for sure which are the future of today's "e-world". Yes, we are talking about internet, about e-business, e-banking and also about how to manage our lifes to live with all this new technologies in sweet harmony ;-) Together we will find the way how to "take it easy" ;-) ...

BEST Kosice will provide YOU one week - full of fun and full of new useful knowledge! Don't hesitate to apply right now and do not miss the chance to visit our beautiful country in the middle of Europe... We are looking forward to see you in Slovakia in March 2002 !!!

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