Stop calculate! Start renovate!

General description

Frosty winter is in the past, but the weather in Saint Petersburg is still chilly. However, you can speed up the warming and precipitate the process of flourish simply by your arrival here!Do you want not only to see famous distinguished monuments, but also to investigate a real buildings in order to improve its energy efficiency? Do you want to present your own reconstruction project? Do you want to get an unforgettable experience? Do you indeed feel ready to share your own energy with us and use it in the most efficient way? Do you, finally, know, that most people visiting once Saint Petersburg go home feeling totally in love with this incredible city? If so, we’re waiting for your application: just go to Saint Petersburg and enjoy our spring course! Yes, Saint Petersburg is not the capital of Russia, but this is capital of CULTURAL Russia! It will definitely inspire you with new ideas and astonishing projects. Saint Petersburg welcomes you with its famous Russian warm hospitality and unforgettable atmosphere: it’s always hard to explain why people feel as in the fairytale here, so go and check it yourself! Historical city with its great contrasts from posh palaces to small mystic yards with old houses will amaze you! Russia itself is different from Europe itself, but Saint Petersburg is the most wonderful place: the one you’ll never find anywhere in Europe! Just apply if you want to contribute into the renovation subject, to get extremely useful knowledge in this area and just to enjoy your really magical pastime in our magnificent city!

Academic information

Fields of activity:
Architectural Engineering , Architecture , Civil Engineering , Environmental Engineering , Power Engineering
Content and topics:
The topic of this course is about renovation of buildings and facilities to improve energy efficiency. The participants will learn some basic knowledge of the main energy efficiency technolgies, practically get in touch with it and also work with CAD systems and 3d modeling.
Learning goals and objectives:
You will get the experience in the energy inspection of buildings and structures and also creating projects of the reconstruction of facades of buildings and adjacent territories providing for the use of energy-saving materials, knowledge about new technologies in engineering and the right way how to use them.
Examination type:
- final project
ECTS credits issued:

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:
- motivation letters and answers for the questions - basic knowledge in 3d software will be a preference

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

- hostel or student's dormitory
- three meals per day (at least one hot meal is included)
- by public transport (metro, buses)