Let's Fight Your Cyber inSecurity: Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity in IoT

General description

Have you ever dreamed of being a cyber superhero and unraveling the mysteries of the digital realm? Do you want to make a difference in the world of cybersecurity, digital forensics and IoT? If so, get ready for an exciting experience! And all of that while sipping on traditional Polish beverages and enjoying the culinary masterpiece that is pierogi.

Get ready for an immersive experience as our workshop takes the form of hands-on tasks, turning your learning journey into a captivating competition. Whether you're a seasoned digital detective or a curious newcomer, anyone interested in digital forensics is welcome to participate in this interactive exploration. All you need is passion, basic IT knowledge, and an understanding of computer jargon. Join us in discovering the mysteries concealed within codes, clicks, and digital footprints as we foster a professional and in-depth understanding of forensic informatics.

All of that will be sprinkled with a mixture of learning about Poland, making friendships for years and having the time of your life! Wroclaw, one of the fastest developing cities in Europe, is just waiting for you to uncover all of its secrets. Don’t forget about the hospitality of Polish people and our unique cuisine - once you try our amazing food, it will be all you ever want to eat!

In Wroclaw's embrace, a cybersecurity quest,

Join our course, be among the BEST!

Academic information

Fields of activity:
Computational Sciences , Computer Engineering , Computer Science/Automatic Control/Informatics , Control Engineering/Systems engineering , Telecommunications/Electronics
Content and topics:
Through a series of concise lectures and hands-on laboratory tasks, participants will become familiar with Raspberry Pi, the concept of IoT, IoT network analysis, communication protocols, Software Defined Radio (SDR) and basics of computer forensics.
Learning goals and objectives:
Developing practical skills in using tools and techniques related to digital forensics and cybersecurity in IoT. Understanding unique threats related to security in the IoT environment. Mastering essential tools of digital forensics and specialized operating systems dedicated to this field.
Examination type:
Written exam, presentation or project
ECTS credits issued:
Not known yet

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:
Motivational letter and answers to the questions

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

University dormitories
3 meals per day, including one hot
Public transport (provided at no extra cost) and on foot