KungFu PO-wer: mastering renewable energies

General description

One of the main topics of the last few years has been the climate change, but are you sure you know all about it?? We are not and that is why in this course you will learn a whole lot about how to be more sustainable. From your day to day life to a whole city being sustainable.

But why come to Barcelona to learn about climate change?? There are many reasons! Here you will be able to learn about energy systems, which are the best ways to remove fossils fuels from our society (do you ever think about the poor dinosaurs when you fill up your car tank??), how to plan for more sustainable cities in the future and last but not least we have an amazing climate (yes we know it is not relatable to the topic but it helps).

So don't miss out in this amazing course that will happen from the 6th of september until the 14th. During those 9 days you will learn a lot about climate change but you will also learn a lot about how people from Barcelona live and that we are not just people that do "siestas", eat "paella" (well, that's not far from reality to be honest). We will take you to the best local points of the city so you can live the full Barcelona experience and not just the touristic one. Apply to our course and let us show you the catalan culture, the secrets hidden in Barcelona and meet the amazing people that organize this course. Can't wait to meet you all!

So… why haven't you applied yet?

Academic information

Fields of activity:
Aerospace/Aeronautical Engineering , Automotive Engineering , Civil Engineering , Computer Engineering , Computer Science/Automatic Control/Informatics , Control Engineering/Systems engineering , Electrical/Electromechanical Engineering , Electronic/Electrotechnical Engineering , Environmental Engineering , Food Engineering , Industrial Engineering , Materials Engineering , Mechanical Engineering , Mining/Mineral Resources Engineering , Naval Architecture & Engineering , Petroleum Engineering , Power Engineering , Production Engineering/Management , Telecommunications/Electronics , Transport Engineering
Content and topics:
Renewable energies, sustainability, environment, emerging technologies, the future that we want to build.
Learning goals and objectives:
The course will focus on theoretical lessons through which you will gain basic knowledge and understanding of the different types of renewable energies (such as solar, wind, geothermal, hydropower,…) and their impact on our planet. After these lessons and other learning activities, you will conduct a final case study to apply the knowledge you have acquired during the course in order to work towards a sustainable future and saving the world!
Examination type:
Case study
ECTS credits issued:

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:
Based on motivation and interest shown for the topic, detailed answers to the 3 questions and overall creativity in the motivation letter.

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

Pere Ferres Hostel during the course and a 'masia' during the weekend trip (catalan name for typical house in the countryside).
Participants will get 3 meals per day prepared by the organizers. At least one of them will be hot. There will also be coffee breaks between lectures.
Days in Barcelona: mainly on foot and public transport. Weekend trip: we will book a bus which takes participants to the weekend trip house and back to Barcelona.