Fly it high into the sky! Build your own flying machine!

General description

The summer is getting closer and closer... Have you been thinking how to make it unforgettable?Do you want an international experience? Do you want maximum fun and great friends? Then make the BEST out of it and dare to share the dream of flying! BEST Bucharest proudly presents "Fly it high into the sky! Build your own flying machine!"

Even before da Vinci started to observe birds' and insects' flight, people were fascinated by the harmony of their moves, by the beauty of their out taking gravitation's laws. People dared to dream they could build flying machines that would conquer the sky. They dared to dream, they believed in it and they made it happen! Aurel Vlaicu, the Wright brothers remain in the history of mankind as visionaries and engineers of flight.

Dare to make it happen! Apply to Local BEST Bucharest's Engineering Competition and dare to build your own flying thing!

So come on! If you ever had a dream that involved wings or airplanes, there's no time for you to spare! You don't have to come over the rainbow, just be in Bucharest for the next summer! Apply to an unique BEST Engineering Competition and prove us that you can make things fly!

Academic information

Content and topics:
During the event you will learn a lot of interesting things about building plane models and you will be trained by professionals to build them. You will work in teams with other European students to build plane models, you will test your plane and compete with the others in the wild and beautiful Carpathian mountains. The members of the winning team will get a surprise! All in all: 25 hours of discovering, learning and working 24 participants 9 days of fun and adventures 4 teams 1 dream! Your dream!
Learning goals and objectives:
At the end of this competition, the students are supposed to know how to build their own flying machines.
Examination type:
ECTS credits issued:

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:
We are looking for participants motivated by the topic, friendly people ready to discover the Romanian spirit together with other European students.

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

Participants will be hosted in the student hostel next to the university.
We will have three meals per day, at least two of them warm.
The transportation will be supported by the organizers not only for Bucharest, but for the rest of the country too.