B7: be in heaven!

General description

ATTENTION, PLEASE!!! Adrenalin-addicted people are needed!

Are U looking for the new impressions? Are U dreaming to escape from the suffocating city and to find yourself in the middle of the wild pure nature with only green grass under your feet and blue sky over your head? Then take a bit patience to check this out!!!

BEST-Ekaterinburg is organizing the BEST leisure event this summer. The event will takes place in surroundings of the the most beautiful mountainous river in the Urals.

During this event you’ll get the opportunity to come back to the natural way of life with tons of exciting adventures. Your butt will be placed in fast kayak or crazy catamaran. U’ll see the picturesque vertical mountains that slope down right to the river. U’ll see the world-famous Siberian vast forests mixed with wide meadows. Tents, cooking on fire, climbing, swimming, wild-handmade sauna, Tarzan sliding, forest games – it’s all about this event. Also clubbing in Ekaterinburg and opening Asia after the rafting down the river!

Do you want to try smth really special…even smth breath taken, thrilling and unforgettable?!! Do you want to show everybody how craz-zy you are?!!

Your answer is *YES*?! Then what are you waiting for?!!

Just close your eyes & imagine how it will be..

And of course don't forget to apply this course!!!! ;-)))))

During this summer course we will show U what is called the real heaven!!!

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:
motivation letter

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

Dormitory during the city part and tents on the river part
3 meals per day (2 hot ones)
public transport in the city,train and bus to move to the river,catamarans on the river,