No top no food !! Make the mountain your playground !

General description

Tired of the daily routine, of studying, of polluted air ?

Take a new breath in Grenoble, capital of the Alps !!

Remember vertical limit, or Cliffhanger ? A piece of cake compared to what you're going to do here !

Come and experiment extreme sports : hiking, climbing, surviving typical french cheese, canoeing, speleologing, buffalo'ing and biking like you've never done before !!

Our dynamic and devoted team of "Boulets" is waiting for you to show you the way of true adventure ! Prepare yourself for the craziest and funniest week of your life in a marvelous landscape !

Don't forget your good mood, your motivation and all your energy. You'll become the master of the mountains !!!!

But don't forget : No top, no food !!!

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:
motivation, adventure and positive spirit

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

cottage, maybe one bivouac
3 meals a day (but only if you reach the top...;-))
feet, mountain bike, your arms, hitch hiking and perhaps bus and rescue helicopter ... (no, no, it's just for kidding ;-p)