New solutions to old problems - Biotechnology for a sustainable future

General description

For two weeks this summer we give you the chance to visit the wonderful nature of Sweden, party, dance, sing, smile and learn about biotechnology.

Biotechnology have proven to be a useful tool to handle old and avoid future environmental problems and during the course you will learn about the use of microorganisms and enzymes. Through lectures on topics such as waste water treatment, soil remediation and off-gas treatment the potential of biotechnology as a solution to both old and new problems will be demonstrated.

You will also learn about the use of biotechnology in developing more environmental friendly products and processes as well as biotechnological production of energy carriers (methane, ethanol and hydrogen) from renewable resources.

Besides the academic part you will get to visit Sweden, where polar bears roam the streets, try the ancient viking drink mead, experience ALL of Sweden's holidays and party all night long. Do you want to join us? Apply Now!!!

Academic information

Content and topics:
Environmental biotechnology, enzyme technology, bioprocess technology, biorefineries, biotechnological production of energy carriers, green chemsitry, life cycle assesment
Learning goals and objectives:
To give an insight of the possibilities of biotechnology in the sustainable society.
Examination type:
Active participation in the seminars. Oral presentation. Attendance.
ECTS credits issued:

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:
Interest in the topic and motivation letter. Some prior knowledge in microbiology, biochemistry, and chemical engineering is required.

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

Student dorms
3 meals /day of which 1-2 are warm, cooked meals
Bus, public transport.