Robot Programming - Creating Intelligent Machines

General description

We are sure you have programmed a computer at least once. We are sure you've coded an algorithm before. But, have you ever programmed a robot? Have you ever made a machine behave in the world intelligently?

A robot is a fully interactive system; it senses, it plans, it acts. It doesn't live in a memory chip, nor does it accurately execute a list of commands like any typical software. A robot is rather in a constant race with uncertainty, trying to figure out what the world currently look like, what is best to be done, and how things are going to change. Robots represent a new kind of programming, where the software is embedded in the real world and expresses itself through the hardware.

As a technology student, we are sure you care to be at the cutting edge of new technologies. LBG Chania offers you a hands-on Spring Course on robot programming. Learn about the main problems in mobile robotics and the modern approaches to solving them. Experiment with our AIBO legged robots and program them to accomplish a task. Explore a new style of programming where interaction and uncertainty is the rule, not the exception. The course will be complemented by demonstrations and visits to robotics labs at TUC and FORTH (Heraklion).

At the same time you will have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the island of Crete, go on some unique sightseeing trips, learn traditional dances, and practice your skills in Cretan chess!

You will also meet many crazy Greek people willing to make your spring the BEST ever !!!

Crete is a great place with long history and bright future ... Come and explore it yourself !!! APPLY NOW !!!

Academic information

Content and topics:

AIBO robots
  • robot hardware (sensors, actuators, communication)
  • programming libraries (OPEN-R and Tekkotsu)
  • course robot task

  • Interacting
  • Sensing the world
  • Moving in the world

  • Planning
  • Behavior-Based Robots
  • Sequential Decision Making

  • Learning
  • Hardcoding vs. improving skills
  • Reinforcement Learning

  • Learning goals and objectives:
    Examination type:
    Written Exam or Competition

    Information for applicants

    Selection criteria:
    Motivation Letter

    Practical arrangements

    All of the following are covered by the event fee:

    Hostel or Organisers' Houses
    University restaurant
    Bus, Taxi, Private cars, Donkeys :-)