50 Shades of Green

General description

In global world, energy production and consumption are two significant issues that concern humanity. To maintain human life and legate a better world to our next generation, scientists are focused on finding new resource of energy and save the world. One of the most important type is make nature a resource for energy by not harming nature. At this point, Green Technologies become a part of an activity and use the green energy. If you want to learn the insigths of this green power and leave a mark in the world, this course is ideally suited.

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Aerospace/Aeronautical Engineering , Applied Sciences , Architectural Engineering , Biological/Biotechnical/Gene Engineering , Biomedical Engineering , Chemical Engineering , Chemistry/Chemical Technology , Civil Engineering , Conservation-Restoration , Electronic/Electrotechnical Engineering , Environmental Engineering , Food Engineering , Industrial Engineering , Maritime Management , Materials Engineering , Mechanical Engineering , Medicine/Dental Medicine , Mining/Mineral Resources Engineering , Naval Architecture & Engineering , Petroleum Engineering , Physics/Physics Engineering , Power Engineering , Production Engineering/Management , Rural and Surveying Engineering , Territory Engineering , Textile Engineering & Technology , Transport Engineering
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Learning goals and objectives:
Our main purpose to opening this course is emphasizing the importance of Green Technologies. Since building a sustainable future despite we have limited energy resources, green energy is one of the biggest solutions. Boğaziçi University is one of the universities that use green power from wind power and delivering this energy to different campuses. Also university contains a Green Campus. This course will provide participants a real experienced examples and theoritical backround from related professors and companies.
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Presentation or written exam
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Motivation letter, answers to activity related questions

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Dormitory or hostel
3 meals per day, at least 1 hot
Public transportation