How the goods travel? - logistic management in the 21st century

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Curious to know the answer? Then you couldn’t find a better place, than Budapest. Hungary is the gate between Eastern-Europe and the Union, between North and the Balkan. And now you can get the chance to learn about shipping, cargo and freight transportation, loading with special regard to intermodal methods. The Faculty of Transportation helps us.
Observe how the railway transfer-zone Zahony works at the Ukrainian border, what they do in a kombi terminal. You will learn about the methods of transportation in a multinational company, you will hear and experience what a complex logistic centre can supply. Also there will be presentation about computer integrated transportation.
You can test your knowledge through the games, founded to these subject as well, and a little engineering competition also will be.
More: not only the goods will travel, we will spend the weekend at lake Balaton, and you can celebrate the 20th of August, our greatest national holiday with us. You will have the opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful capitals of Europe, taste the real Hungarian gulash, which will be even hotter than those days of summer!

...and the hottest thing will be the parties during the nights...
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