Kindly yours, Technology.

General description

"I can make all easy. I will give you the chance to express yourself, to understand and feel the change, to create by simply pressing a button"
Discover what Interaction Design stands for! Technology and design, software and hardware, research and the arts?
Find how to empower and simplify people's everyday lives, by making their interaction with these technologies simpler, easier, and more pleasant, or even fun!

Academic information

Content and topics:
Interaction design seeks to establish a bond between products, people and physical, cultural and historical contexts. Participants will attend presentations held by representatives of product-development/design departments of some multinational companies. The course includes also lectures and practice(workshops). Lectures will be held by professors from CONVIVIO Summer School (the European Network of Excellence for people-centered design of interactive technologies). During workshops, participants and some Romanian students of social sciences (sociology, etnography, antropology) will develop a project on a certain topic (which will be established at the beginning of the course and presented by the end of it).
Learning goals and objectives:
You will have the chance to understand the user's experience, imagine new opportunities on the background of local community, design solutions... find what "Interaction" really means (in terms of culture, education, people). And then, design the BEST solution!
Examination type:
The type of examination is a final project that participants must accomplish and present by the end of the course. It will consist in solving a certain technical problem and design a prototype (this will be implemented within teams).

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:
Motivation letter. Students should have a technical background, preferably in the following areas: computer science, architecture, design (graphic or industrial). Experience in team-work on technical projects (either in a company or at school) is a plus. No prior knowledge of Interaction Design is required.

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

Participants will have accomodation in the students' hostel (two-person rooms)
Participants will have lunch and dinner at students' canteen. Breakfast will be prepared by organizers.
Transportation will be assured by organizers (from LBG Timisoara's budget), for all activities: -public transportation for activities taking place in local area; -train/bus for activities taking place outside local area (week-end).