Shake it baby !!! - Earthquakes and their consequences

General description

Shaking can be all but fun! Specially when the earth underneath your feet starts to shake!!

Why does the earth shake? Can we predict earthquakes? Can we build 100% safe houses? How do and how should people react? You will get the answers to all of this and many more questions in the first week. In the second week, you'll be taken to the Soca valley, where the consequences of an earthquake are still present. There you will see how the sanation took place together with all of its problems; how to preserve cultural heritage, space planning problems...

There is also another (important) side to our SC!! As Soca valley is known for its extreme sports we will also take you whitewater rafting, canyoning,...
Party and fun from dusk till dawn... sleep at home, before you come!!! ;)) If there will be no earthquake at the time (hopefully) we will be shaking enough in the evenings!!!

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