Human Friendly Mechatronics

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Are you interested in Mechatronics? We offer you a course about a new branch in the field: Human Friendly Mechatronics, including the following topics: the basics of mechatronic philosophy, mechatronic philosophy in practice and engineering education, the notion of information flow and energy flow, the innovative resources of mechatronics, mechatronics-the science of the intelligent machines, the basic functions of the intelligent machines: perception, cognition and execution, the need for human oriented machinery, man-machine interaction, programming the autonomous mobile agents, microcontroller based applications, hydronics and pneutronics applications, biomechatronics and rehabilitation engineering. But the academic part is not all. Have you ever wanted to visit Romania in summer, to know the Romanian way of life, to taste the Romanian "palinca"? :) Take a look at the schedule to find out what is going to happen with you two weeks in Romania.

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