Go back to nature and into the future with Artificial Photosynthesis

General description

Are you one of them who thinks that todays society has grown too far away from our natural origins with a devasteted environment as result? But still you want your comfortable, modern and high-tech lifestyle? The solution to this dilemma is to go back to natural processes and see how we can work with and not against our green neigbours! In the science of Artificial Photosynthesis we imitate the plants processes for transforming solar energy into energy bound in hydrogen. This has good potential to be a revolutionary efficient way of using renewable resources!!

This research has it's main site in Uppsala and Ångström laboratory is famous for it's solar research.

Just as important as the academics is all the activities the rest of the days and nights. In this student town (highest student density in Sweden)there will be a very popular student integrational program for the fresh-men going on during the course meaning that we can easily integrate with all happy new swedish students!

We'll organize a week-end trip to a cozy cottage "in the swedish wild" just by a lake, nice field for sports as well as a sauna!

In Uppsala we'll visit medeival sites, the famous cathedral, important student sites and experince our sympathetic atmosphere.

Different party-events are promised in the "hot" (or at least light) swedish summer nights!

Academic information

Content and topics:
Artificial Photosynthesis uses knowledge from natural photosynthesis and the enzymes active in this vitale process in order to reach an effective hydrogen production from solar energy and water. There are two main fields that we will study: First, the designing of man-made macro-molecules that imitates plants in many ways for hydrogen production Second, a biological line where development and improvement of photosynthetic cyanobacteria is used for bio-reactors. The lectures will be mixed with laboratory (mainly demonstrative) as well as study visit at research area
Learning goals and objectives:
We study a topic which is in the frontline of renewable energy research meaning that we should get a new perspective of all possibilities. It's about understanding of how much we can learn from the nature and how smart their mechanisms for energy production is.
Examination type:
Group work that are presented for each other orally

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:
The more interest in the subject the better! Important that participants are open-minded, socially oriented and eager to learn about new cultures

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

Student rooms and apartments
"Scandinavian" breakfast meaning a smaller buffee... Lunch at university-restaurant (good-quality) Dinner always hot: either cooked by organizers and served at common place or we take the restaurant option!
Bikes! No long distances and a city suitable for biking... Week-end trip is by bus