X-treme 2K in Romania

General description


welcome to the "X-treme 2K" - the EXTREME Game of the Millenium.

I am sure that your first question will be: what is it all about?

Ok lets see - step by step:

1.We want you to feel the X-treme as fast as possible. So, we decided that the first X-perience should be the Bungee Jumping.

2.Next, you will feel X-actly the same as a flying fox does. The jump into nowhere... the increasing speed... and finally the break... It's unique!

3.Are bikes familiar to you? Do you enjoy riding them? Then, how about mountain biking? The Bucegi Mountains are providing the perfect paths for this. Get in touch with the mountains while you enjoy the riding.

4.But is it enough? No way! So.... let's fly! Paragliding - only the sky will be above us. One of the most X-treme X-periences in the world and at the same time one of the most beautiful sensations. Touch the sky!

5.The large variety of natural walls that Bucegi Mountains are providing invites us to rappelling. After all the flying we will finally get our feet on the solid ground.

6.Don't forget about the parties and look forward for the Romanian and International Evenings. You will get to know different people from different parts of Europe. And last but not least, you will get to know different kinds of traditional drinks and food.

At the same time you will see some of the most important cities in Romania and also some world famous castles.

And if you are coming to Romania you can not leave without visiting Draculas Castle in Bran and the House of Parliament in Bucharest - one of the many heritages of Ceausescu's times.

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