Tunnels and underground structures

General description

The objectives of the course are to give to the participants a detailed approach of tunnel or underground structure project. Different aspects will be tackled as geology of the site, preliminary soil prospecting, empirical study, analytical and numerical modeling, techniques of excavation and site survey, ventilation and fire security during the exploitation. This teaching will be sustained by theoretical courses, use of numerical codes, cases histories presentations and visit of excavated or in excavation tunnels.

Differents professors will participate in the teaching of this course : Mr Thymus (organizer - Belgium), Mr Detournay (University of Minnesota, USA) and Mr Faure (CETU, France), ...

Prerequisites for the course: notions in Geology, soil mechanics, rock mechanics, thermodynamic.

IMPORTANT : The number of accepted students will be only 15 (restriction of the number by the our university...).

Information for applicants

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Practical arrangements

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