"Just Manage It !" - The Basics of Project Management

General description

The course plans/intends to give a basic introduction to some principles of project management. Project management is the planning, scheduling, and controlling of project activities to meet the project’s objectives. With the help of specialists from companies you will learn how to manage a project, what are the main aspects to take into account when doing this, tips&tricks on the subject, basic information... Their knowledge and real life experience will help you form a proper and complete idea on the subject. Under their guidance you will learn all these things by trying out your ideas, by doing it yourselves! The major objectives that must be met when managing a project and that will form some of the main lines of the course are performance, cost and time goals. Project management is a complex topic that includes issues of contracting, organizational structure, project execution, and project administration. The course will try to focus on the four key tasks any team will face in project administration – how to plan, coordinate, monitor, and close a project. So get ready to learn and practice all these useful things in a one week, exciting spring course in Bucharest!

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