BEST Symposia on Education

A BEST Symposium on Education (BSE) is an event where students, local and international professors, experts from different industrial or research associations, higher education institutions and company representatives discuss educational matters and try to improve European higher education.

The outcomes of the discussions are afterwards gathered in a final report. Through the analysis of different BSE reports, papers are submitted and, when accepted, presented to international conferences on education such as SEFI AC, WEEF, ICL etc. BSEs are mainly run by the Educational Involvement Department (EduID), in cooperation with the Local BEST Group that is hosting the event.

The topics that are discussed vary: they can be proposed by EduID or be related to Educational Projects connected to the our educational partner where BEST - through EduID - is involved.

BSEs are events with the same format as BEST Courses, involving 20-25 students, and having a duration of 7-10 days. BSEs create an informal space to have meaningful discussions on education, while including social activities and cultural exchange, as in any other BEST event.

You can find the list of BEST Symposia on Education for this season bellow:


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List of BEST Symposia on Education

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