Dear reader,

More than 100 days since the beginning of the war in Ukraine have passed.

The Board of European Students of Technology was created in 1989 with the intention of "Promoting Europe amongst Europeans". This is not just a slogan, every word there, every letter, is of huge importance. This phrase aims to synthesise the fundamental concept of BEST, which is not easy to describe in a few sentences. In essence, it means: "promote the intercultural exchange b etween people" and "growth through getting to know deeply the others' cultures".

BEST is a European organisation, meaning that our doors are open for all Europeans without looking at their nationality, religion, race, or culture. That is how it has been for many years before and that is how it will be in many years to come.
No person should endure violence, as daily caused by the Russian aggression. Aggression, usage of force and violations towards one's identity should never take place. The denial to someone's freedom and the inhuman actions performed are a clear violation of human rights. The attacks on educational infrastructure, taking away the born right for education, are reprehensible.

BEST condemns the war. BEST condemns the Russian aggression in Ukraine. BEST condemns the violation of human rights. BEST condemns the loss of innocent lives. BEST condemns any act of violence, hatred, or false or non-fundamental accusations toward anyone.
With this message, we aim to encourage our stakeholders to support Ukraine and its people by any means possible! Scroll through the visuals to see suggestions and check the links below for m ore information!

Donate, sign petitions, and join protests
Use and spread reliable sources of information

BEST emphasises its words of support for all the students and all the people that are affected by the war in Ukraine! Freedom will always prevail over oppression!