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The art of resilience: thriving in the face of challenges

Session Date: 16 June 2020 at 18:00 CEST


Have you ever wondered how not just to survive through rough and stressful days, but to also thrive, do your best and grow stronger and more resourceful after? How would it be to be able to thrive in any situation that life throws at you - and to enjoy the journey, even when challenges are big?

Let's look into the positive psychology toolbox to get the scientifically supported knowledge and tools for thriving in the face of any challenge!

True resilience brings together thriving externally - meaning, achieving great results - with internal foundations of thriving - meaning, feeling confident, calm and optimistic in the face of a challenge.

At this workshop, we will explore the “big picture” of resilience and what all the elements are that contribute to it.
How can we be more calm, strong and resilient in face of any circumstances?
You will get a clear framework to reflect on what are your own strong and less strong sides and how to grow them.

While reflecting on your own mechanisms of resilience, you will also get quick and catchy hacks, tools and ideas to “boost” your resilience. You will leave the session with new insights about your resilience - but also with a rich and practical toolbox.