BEST Virtual Summit > Work Beyond the Pandemic

Fast forward to the future of work - the post-COVID19 "new normal"

Session Date: 18 June 2020 at 18:00 CEST


The impact of COVID-19 on businesses of all shapes and sizes around the world has caused a seismic shift in how we conduct our work. As we fight to contain the pandemic, we’ve hit the fast forward button on many technologies that were already in place. From remote working to digital events and virtual reality training facilities, these technologies have now become an essential part of our day to day work life and are here to stay. Is this the end of the world of work as we know it, and will the crisis mark the tipping point for a new beginning?

In this interactive workshop we will tackle a number of topics centered around the how, when and where we will work post-COVID-19.

  • A new balance. Now that homeworking is the norm, is the office still fit for purpose with an increasingly remote and mobile workforce?
  • Purposeful work. Being able to contribute and having a positive impact on the community and environment will become key factors when deciding which job and career to pursue.
  • Collective Intelligence: Is AI a threat or an opportunity for man and machine to work together?