BEST Virtual Summit > Education Beyond the Pandemic

Interview with Learnlife

Session Date: 16 June 2020 at 16:00 CEST


Learnlife is setting a new precedent in learning. We are creating an open ecosystem for a new lifelong learning paradigm to positively change education worldwide. A step beyond traditional education systems, by 2030 we aim to empower 100 million learners, 5 million educators, 100,000 schools and governments of 196 countries through a new learner-centered paradigm that focuses on purpose-inspired and personal learning. More than 130 thought leaders and experts are contributing and co-creating 21 innovative learning elements that will constantly evolve to meet the needs of learners in a rapidly changing world. The learning elements will be distributed to any learner through a digital open access learning platform and implemented in 2,000 physical Learning Hubs around the world. We are learning and living the paradigm every day from our flagship Learnlife Barcelona hub where our programmes help our young people thrive and grow into becoming healthy, happy and self-directed learners. Learning at Learnlife Barcelona is an exciting journey: learners develop self-awareness, self-determination skills and explore personal passions in our hands-on studios. The learning is often community based and peer to peer, and always co-created between learners and learning guides, thus becoming personal to each individual. In the backstage, learning guides work in a collaborative fashion, co-designing and co-facilitating programs, challenges and learning experiences.