BEST Virtual Summit > Work Beyond the Pandemic

How a pandemic is accelerating the transformation of a 120+ years young company

Session Date: 18 June 2020 at 16:00 CEST


Discover how a materials science company founded in 1897 has accelerated its transformation through the pandemic to change the way employees work together and collaborate with their partners. By applying the concept of ‘Team of Teams’, Dow has stayed agile and resilient to adapt to the pandemic conditions and beyond.

The pandemic highlighted the need for the new technologies available making the most of the latest communication tools and using new constructive manufacturing technics to quickly produce new high-demand products. Yet another transformation, less visible, is also taking place with a new organizational model and structure with increased shared consciousness and empowered execution. “This transformation is reflective of the new generation of mental models we must adopt in order to make sense of the twenty first century,” General Stanley McChrystal.