BEST Virtual Summit > SDGs Beyond the Pandemic

The role of higher education institutions in fulfilling Sustainable Development Goals

Session Date: 20 June 2020 at 15:00 CEST


On 25 September 2015 the United Nations formally adopted the Global Agenda for sustainable development. For Universities, the UN’s 2030 Agenda represents an action plan transforming the world and benefiting people, peace, planet, prosperity and partnership. This will only be possible if the values of the SDGs and their power to communicate and inspire have a real impact on the behaviour of students, teachers, technical- administrative staff, governing bodies and stakeholders involved. In 2015, Politecnico di Torino (PoliTO) has officially established a Green team office with the aim to plan and implement sustainability actions. PoliTO is currently coordinating the University Network for Sustainable Development (RUS), which has been established, in the same year, by CRUI - Conference of Rectors of Italian Universities. My talk will give evidence of the progress done by PoliTO and RUS, in spreading the culture of sustainability and good practices, both within Universities and in the local communities, contributing to the achievement of the SDGs.