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What does it take to be a sustainable company nowadays? And why does it matter?

Session Date: 17 June 2020 at 17:00 CEST


A lot has been said about Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability these past few years. In fact these past 15-20 years we have seen the rise of terms previously known to only a few. So what is CSR, CR and Sustainability? What does it take to be a sustainable company? How important is it for companies nowadays to adopt strategies that will make them not only appear but actually be sustainable, responsible companies? What do companies have to gain for being so? What do they stand to lose if they don't? Do consumers and other stakeholders actually "appreciate" and reward sustainable companies? Was the Covid-19 pandemic crisis a catalyst for making companies become more responsible? And where does a Greek family owned business like ISOMAT fit into all this?