BEST Virtual Summit > SDGs Beyond the Pandemic

Development Challenges in time of COVID-19

Session Date: 19 June 2020 at 18:30 CEST


The current pandemic is a development/human crisis with several dimensions: health, humanitarian and socio-economic. SDGs will be delayed, advances in human development will be lost, socio-economic impact will be global but hitting on countries and people in different ways. Inequalities will be negatively impacted with the most vulnerable – with added vulnerabilities caused by COVID19 – suffering most.

In crisis or conflict countries, like Libya where Mr Noto serve as UNDP Resident Representative, COVID19 pandemic is another crisis to top security, political, economic, social, environmental crises generated by years of protracted conflict and division but rooted in structural gaps existing from well before.

Presentation will be about the complex challenges to development in the pandemic situation and how UNDP and other UN and International actors are responding in Libya as an example. Crises present hard challenges, even more complex multilayered crises, but also open room for innovation and Building Back Better. The main challenge is how we support recovery and re-center development on peace, people and planet with a long term inclusive and sustainable approach.