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Place: Vinnytsia, Ukraine
Dates: 1 August 2016 to 10 August 2016
Season: summer16
Organised by: BEST Group Vinnytsia
University: Vinnytsia National Technical University
Type: BEST Course on Technology
Fee: 40.0 euro. Convert to

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Application until: 20 Mar 2016 at 23:00 CET
Application deadline has passed.
Academic Highlights
Participation requirements: No prior knowledge required
Academic complexity: Basic [Read more]
Working time: 28 hours (estimated)

General description

World is changing very fast. Cities are growing, urbanisation and industrialisation are getting stronger.

Air pollution, endangered animals, dirty water in seas and rivers. Cars and factories pollute the air we use. Their fume also destroys the ozone layer which protects the Earth from the dangerous light of the Sun. Aerosols create large “holes” in the ozone layer round the Earth. People improve their conditions but unfortunately it happens by means of nature which suffers a lot. Nowadays the young try to protect the environment.

Let’s speak about air pollution and other ecological problems problems be an ecological superhero! save our planet!)

Everyone is affected and everyone is responsible of the future :)

This summer Vinnytsia wanna invite you to join 'Project-G' course!

Do you want to see:

- city of love and fountains?

- friendly people?

- BEST spirit ever?

Do you want to know:

- how to greet people correctly?

- how to perform a verily Ukrainian apple test?

- how to be a truly Ukrainian?

Wanna join? Are you sure? Brave enough? APPLY!


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